Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The sale!! Month of September

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boys and dolls

Well it's true that I do own a doll company but that isn't the reason for starting this discussion.

Where do you stand on little boys playing with dolls?
Yesterday, my little girl and I were going into the library and a mom and her little boy were coming out. The boy had a doll and I stopped to tell him how I loved his baby doll. He went on to proudly tell me all about "her". The mother said that some man said, "Why don't you buy him a tool belt?" Others had given her dirty looks.
Here is my viewpoint;

I congratulated the woman for allowing her child to do this and to buy a doll for him instead of restricting him. Children don't see through the same eyes as adults and it is adults that put negative feedback into our kids brains. Why are some parents threatened by a boy playing with a doll? I've had many requests to know if I carry boy dolls and I applaud women for wanting this for their sons, but why does a boy have to play with a boy doll? Studies show that little boys who play with dolls grow up to nurture their own children better. They probably even make better husbands.

Would a little girl be discouraged if she wanted a tool belt? I think not ~ she would probably be labeled (cutely) as a tom-boy. No ha, ha's from me here...............

OK ~ this sparked some contempt for me so if someone wants a doll from my website for their little boy, I'll sell it to you for $49.99 instead of the usual $69.99 just for the "TOOLBOX" comment!!!! Just let me know................

Mary Beth

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Infertility and coming to Adoption ~ where pain brings happiness

On my radio talk show last Monday I had two women on who each talked about the infertility treatments they went through and each ended up adopting. Their lives feel so complete and both had no idea that they could feel this tremendous love. My story is the same. I also went through infertility treatments and almost lost my life when I was punctured in a routine procedure for IVF. I ended up adopting two beautiful little girls from Guatemela and I wouldn't change anything. I am crazy about them!
I hope anyone that has suffered the pain of not being able to conceive naturally or with infertility treatments will consider adoption and the love it holds.
I give statistics on infertility on the radio program which you can listen to @

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all women of the world!

Mother's ~~ they care for their children,, for spouses, friends, communities, animals, etc.
The list can go on and on as to what women bring to the table, to contribute, to give.

Who is a mother figure to her and how do you celebrate her?

As a birth mom that relinquished a child for adoption, mother's day was a painful celebration for me. I was always grateful to celebrate my mom and that part did bring me happiness but what lie beneath was my own anguish of not knowing my child.

We all have this place, this piece of us that needs healing. It's like we have a hole inside of us and we just learn to build around it.

Times are changing and we are better equipped to help moms who have lost a child to adoption, death, seperation, etc. We embrace each other more, we have support groups and therapy. We have self books. We look to each other for help and comfort and we receive it. Birth moms are more appreciated and revered than years ago and it's something that has helped us on the winding road of healing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 22: The Mom Juggle

April 22: The Mom Juggle

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The little Russian boy............

Today's guest on my talk radio show spoke about the little Russian boy who was returned home. Her information was very compelling. She thought it was both sad and ironic that there is much more attention on the "rightness" or "wrongness" of what Torry Hansen did than on the condition of children adopted internationally from many orphanages. There is so much about post-adoption that needs to be addressed to adoptive families and at this time there just isn't enough information about it. This makes the transition so much more difficult for both the child and the adoptive families.
I think there is too much blame in our society and where I wouldn't have sent a child back ~ especially alone ~ I'm not going to label her into a category. I believe the thing to think about is how can this be avoided in the future??

Friday, April 16, 2010

The New Toginet Radio - Recent Podcasts

The New Toginet Radio - Recent Podcasts

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